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Here rests in peace the mortal remains of Elizabeth Sturges, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Sturges of Leatherhead in the  county of Surrey and niece of William Borehams of Meaford in the Parish of Stone, at which place she calmly resigned her soul to Him who gave it on the 25 Day of July 1797 in the sixteenth year of her age

Survey me well ye fair ones and believe
The grave may terrify but can’t deceive
Here drops the mask here shuts the final scene
Nor differs grave three score from gay sixteen.



Sacred to the memory of Catherine, wife of Samuel Seabridge of Yarnfield who died Feby 23rd 1818 aged 48 years

Weep not for me my kindred dear
I am not dead but sleeping (   )
My end you know my grave (    )
Therefore prepare to follow (    )  



(      ) (M)emory  Betsey eldest Daughter of (the) late) John Swinnerton of (     ton) who died December 14th 1825 Aged (   ) years  



Underneath lie the remains of WILLIAM FLETCHER who died October 12th 1836 Aged 76 years
Also of Ann his wife who died November 26th 18(  ) Aged 78 years
ALSO of FREDERICK WILLIAM their son who died October 3rd 1832 Aged 56 years
AND of FREDERICK WILLIAM, his son who died March 24th 1830 Aged 6 months



FLETCHER d his  



William Boreham of (Field) Place, Stone (Staffs) Died 15th July 181(1) Aged 62 years
Mary wife of the above Died 28th September 1809 Aged 65 years
William Boreham Elder son of the above Died ( )th September 1822 Aged 42 years
Nancy Vernon Boreham wife of William Boreham Junr Died 17th July Aged 44 years
Anne: wife of the Revd Joseph Smith BD Elder daughter of William Boreham Senr Died 7th July 1814 Aged 32 years
Edward and Emily Anne their infant children
Charles Boreham younger son of William Boreham Senr Died 18th September 1838 Aged 52 years
Charlotte Boreham Daughter of Charles and Margaret Boreham Died 22nd November 1831 Aged 7 years
William Henry Boreham son of Charles and Margaret Boreham Died 31st May 1813 Age 10 weeks  



Sacred to the memory of MARY BEECH ALSOP wife of JAMES ALSOP late of Oulton who departed this life January 28th 1858 Aged (61) years
Also to the memory of the above JAMES ALSOP who departed this life January 22nd 1845 Aged 73 years ___  



In memory of JOHN SWINNERTON of Standon who died May 23rd 1861 Aged 78 years
Also of CHARLOTTE his wife who died March 15th 1821 Aged 48 years  



Here lieth the body of Mary (the wife) of Robert Sneyd of Swinnerton Heath who departed this life November 1( ) 1795 Aged (50) years
Also William their son who departed this life August (5) 1797 Aged 30 years  



Sacred to the memory of MATTHEW PLANT (late of Yarnfield) who died December 8th 1862 Aged 85 yeas, Also of ANN wife of the above Matthew Plant who died February 12th 1853 Aged 87 years, George Plant son of Matthew & Ann Plant who died August 26th 1866 Aged 59 years, Also of Hyla Plant son of Mathew & Ann Plant who died September 20th 1847 aged 42 years.
The sun shall shine the moon shall glow, 
But night nor day the dead shall know, 
The cold wind o’er the graves shall creep, 
But nothing disturbs their tranquil sleep



In (                ) remembrance
(     s)   B(       BR
MAR (        )
“Come to me all ye that labour
and I will give you rest”  



To the memory of STEPHEN SNEYD who departed this life December 14th 1799 in the 28th year of his Age



In memory of SAMUEL STEPHEN PLANT of Yarnfield who died April 1st 1815 Aged 2(1or7)  



Sacred to the memory of JOHN PLANT of Yarnfield who died January 11th 1852 in the 60th year of his age. 

Farewell! Loved partner of my youthful breast,
Now past the reach of sorrow to molest
Who can forget thy tenderness so kind?
I still have much to bring it to my mind.
Farewell! Enter the joys of bliss divine,
And wear a crown of glory ever thine. 

Also Mercia, daughter of John and Catherine Plant died May 4th 1845 Aged 7 years  



In memory of George Lees late of the High Lows in this County. Who died April 7th 1857 Aged 62 years
Also Elizabeth wife of the above who died Jan 16th 1858 Aged 65 years


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